From the parrot’s beak: forward March!

bike macaw

PHOTO: Biking bird performs at the New Jersey Bird Man show. – Photo by George Sommers

ANOTHER BIRD CLUB BITES THE DUST: Northwest Exotic Bird Society has gone the way of the dodo due to the usual suspected reasons – lack of participation of the members and lack of time of the organizers to put in. People’s reliance on (not always accurate) information from the Internet is also a likely factor. The Seattle Parrot Expo, described as the “last parrot centered event of the area” is still scheduled to go on on Sept. 26 and 27. – From Seattle Parrot Expo to International Celebration of Birds

PSITTACINE CINEMA: Owl Tried To Attack Parakeet Through Window.

SPIX COUNTDOWN NOTES: In March, Brazilian airline Azul will released a passenger plane decorated with a painting of 6 flying Spix’s macaws and flower designed by graffiti artist Luiz Pardal. Caatinga. The local children are practicing the Ararinha-Azul song to welcome the Spix’s Macaws on March 3rd. And the containers for sending the birds from Europe to South America have arrived. On a somber note, fears have been expressed in some quarters that the much publicized release will attract poachers. – From Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots e.V. 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor

POLLYTICS: A sparrow landing on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ lectern as he was speaking became one of the iconic images of the 2016 presidential campaign. The above photo, by Eric DeCoster, shows the ’20 contender with a scarlet macaw on his arm. Posted on Facebook, it generated may responses; some snarky, some funny and some with legitimate political concerns. Adrianne M., a frequent critic of the Humane Society of the US,  says,”Meanwhile H$U$ legislative scorecard gives him 100%.” But Carlos Z. replies, “One of the many things he is great at is seeing straight through special/corporate interests. At the end of the day there are many more of us that he would rather listen to than corporate HSUS.” Robert S. jokes, “Hey Bernie!? Would you give my birds free healthcare? Senegals for Socialists!”  Zoe S. says, “And save our native bird populations, they’re hurting so terribly under policies under the Trump presidency. ” Kashmir C. concludes, “This is like kissing babies, only for bird people.”

LOVE IT: In both French and Spanish, lovebirds are called “inseperables”, give or take an accent mark.

DIDJA KNOW: Cape parrots are among a very selective group of parrots that are dimorphous, meaning that they can be visually sexed. Females have an exclusive red/orange crown which is not seen in males.

DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT?: A wild cockatoo perched on a car driver’s side window as the driver was putting in an order at the local Macca’s (the Australian name for McDonald’s).  The employee struggled to get the food into the car while bypassing the hungry ‘too. The driver closed the window most of the way, but the ‘too continued to try to stick its head, and then tongue, into the window crack.

QUOTE O’ THE WEEK: (from a parrot’s perspective) You’re stuck in a cubicle 5 days a week? That must be really uncomfortable for you.

THREE’S A CROWD: An ambulance was summoned for an elderly man in Brisbane, Australia when he had a cough that wouldn’t quit. He was admitted to a hospital; and so was his wife the next day who had similar symptoms. But when paramedics arrived, they heard yet a third coughing spell from another room. Turns out, that was coming from Charlie, the couple’s pet parrot. “What’s less usual in this case was the parrot had spent so much time with the couple he mimicked their cough,” paramedic Rachel said. The couple was discharged from the hospital, and Charlie given a clean bill of health; simply  able to copy the couple’s chesty cough. – From

PARROTRIVIA: Rosa Naynon used birds in her vaudeville act. A 1907 photograph showed her with 8 sulfur crested cockatoos.

CONSERVATION CONVERSATIONS: Five Philippine Cockatoos were released by the Katala Foundation Incorporated (KFI) in Dumaran Island Critical Habitat, Palawan on November 29, 2019 as part of their effort to increase the wild population on the island. —2019 marks the 20th anniversary of a remarkable project to save the yellow-eared parrot, a species teetering on the edge of extinction, following its rediscovery in Colombia.- From Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Program and anniversary-of-proyecto-ognorhynchus-back-from-the-abyss-the-yellow-eared-parrot-unites-a-nation/?fbclid=IwAR2o7FpqDwNRZ4ScMqr-ODHqjYH9pc96WEgPkJrBbowk2kp_YBjivg7FtCc

HELP WANTED: The Oregon Bird Man, aka Karl Anderson, is looking for two or three publicists to book shows in Oregon and Washington. Does not need to live locally – just a phone. Ideal candidates will have a good “telephone voice” and be knowledgeable of the show. Background in marketing a plus. Potential clients will be casinos, retirement homes, malls, libraries, schools, summer camps, large corporations (for corporate events and picnics), etc.. If  interested —  e-mail ( or phone (503) 377-2270. Website is — check out the pages called SCENES FROM SHOWS and MEET THE FLOCK. 

PRO SHOP: For parrot and other pet owners. Join Lisa Longo and dive deep into science of learning and behavior. This six weeks online class starts March 1. The course is specifically for owners who have a problem with their pet’s behavior or any person, individual, amateur, or professional working with animals, willing to learn more about behavior analysis. Registration:

MAILBAG: A rather cryptic email simply saying “Hello” comes from one Kellee Steffanoni whose given email address is unknown to Yahoo. So, “Hello” back at you Kellee, whoever and wherever you are.

HOT DATES: CURRENT-3/7: Oliver’s Outrageous Online Auction This online auction features parrot themed items but has a bit of everything, both unique and collectible, books, art, clothing, jewelry and housewares. Goal of $2,700 will help replenish  general operating fund to care for The Oasis Sanctuary birds. Click HERE, create an account (if you’ve never participated in this online auction site) so they can track your bid, confirm your account set up in your email. Then you will be ready to bid when the auction opens.– 3/1: PARENTS & KIDS DAY. Under my Wing Avian Refuge. Parents and children learning bird husbandry together.1-5. Wantage, NJ. — 3/7,8: 2020LongIslandPetExpo Featuring Long Island Parrot Society. Sat.10-7; Sun. 10-5.  Adult Tickets –  Online: $11.00, Door: $13.00/Child – Online: $5.00 , Door: $6.00 Weekend Pass $18.00 (Adults) $8 (Children) 3 And Under FREE. Crooked Hill Road, Brentwood, NY — Southeast Exotic Bird Fair   Adults $4, 16 & Under FREE. 16 Forest Pkwy., Forest Park, GA —3/7: INDIANA FUR & FEATHERS CONVENTION $5, under 5 FREE. 10-3. 1405 North Range Line Rd., Annderson, IN. — ANIMAL BEHAVIOR & TRAINING WORKSHOP with Lara Joseph and Jason Crean. 4 hr. workshop. 1 St. Xavier University, Warde Academic Ctr., 3700 W. 103rd St. Chcago, IL GUEST SPEAKER Marcia Swanson on Wildlife & CT’s Changing landscape at The Parrot Club. Shop for toys, food and other bird supplies. March is member renewal month. 7 pm. Veteran’s Memorial Clubhouse, 100 Sunset Ridge Drive, East Hartford, CT. — 3/8: Hernando 22nd Annual Bird Mart  -9-4. Adults $5, 16 & Under FREE.  Hernando County Fairgrounds. 6436 Broad St. (SR 41 south) Brooksville, FL — Send your parrot related shows, special events, speakers, benefits to to be featured in this column. If we don’t see ’em, we can’t publicize ’em!

LOST: Cockatiel ‘Fiji’, Amarillo, TX. (806) 567-0159. — FOUND:  Congo African grey. Broward County, FL. (954) 434-0008 (gov. office landline; open hours vary). —FOUND: Harlequin Macaw. Miami, FL. Contact by text only: 786-667-0755




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