From the parrot’s beak: May 5


PHOTO: Warmer weather means road trips to shows, vacation and to the local park with our feathered friends. See article below on car travelling safety tips. – Photo by George Sommers

FREDDY KRUEGER THE PARROT AS VICTIM: What’s up with these Brazilian parrots? Last week we reported on a lookout parrot who was busted as part of a drug gang. But that parrot has nothing on Freddy Krueger, another parrot living in Brazil. Freddy also was part of a drug ring, and took a bullet to the beak when police raided the operation, rendering him blind and disfigured. The police took him to a zoo, where his mangled face earned him the name Freddy Krueger. Four years later, a snake broke into Freddy’s digs and bit him – and that still wasn’t the end of Freddy’s ordeals. Armed men stormed the zoo and stole Freddy along with another parrot and a gas cylinder. Two weeks ago Freddy had somehow returned to the zoo and was discovered on a tree next to his cage. Freddy seems to be recovering while the other parrot and the gas cylinder are still at large. He’s a bit of a wild one,” said the zoo’s vet, Ilair Dettoni.From

“STAR WARS”/PARROT CONNECTION: May 4th is celebrated as “Star Wars” Day since it sounds like “May the force be with you”- partly, sort of. The late Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia in the original and many of the sequels, once said she often woke  up to the sounds of naturalized “parrot sex” outside her home. The actress died a little over two years ago. Attending her funeral was her own pet parrot and one of her dogs. “None of these pets will ever go without what’s best for them. You know that these pets are going to be well looked after. They all have trust funds. Let’s put it that way,” says her brother Todd Fisher. – From

PSITTACINE CINEMA: Parrot vs. paparazzi. This sun conure apparently doesn’t appreciate being photographed. Click on link and then click on the lower video.

ARE YOUR BIRD AND ACCESSORIES TAKING OVER YOUR HOUSE?:  “Make Room for Birdie.” is my May “Pet Gazette” feature story.

QUAKERS NOW BANNED IN WISCONSIN: No Quaker parakeet can be bought or sold in the state of Wisconsin. Until the permit procedures are defined clearly, you should not take a quaker into Wisconsin. As part of the permitting process, a Quaker owner would have to prove the bird was purchased outside of Wisconsin. Quaker Parrot Society will follow the permit procedure process in Wisconsin and update the website with the permit information once it has been defined and tested. Quakers can adapt to colder North American winters and are feared as potemntial agricultural pests, even though most of the current naturalized population tends to prefer urban environments.  More in:…

QUOTE O’ THE WEEK: If you have a parrot and don’t teach it to say, “Help they’ve turned me into a parrot” you are wasting everyone’s time.

DON’T DRIVE WHILE BIRD DISTRACTED:  Now that spring has sprung,  many of us like to bring our birds away on vacation or even just to the local park. Amy Hopkins, of Connecticut’s The Parrot Club and new columnist for Lafeber; offers a few safety tips for traveling  with a bird. An ear-piercing shriek can startle any driver, potentially a way to drive into a pole or worse!  Provide your bird with treats or a toy to distract her. Playing music might also help. Driving wIth a bird on a shoulder or seat is highly dangerous. If you hit the brakes (or another object) at high speed, your bird will hurtle forward and hit the windshield. Inflated airbags may injure a bird as well as giving off a corn starch or talcum powder, which could choke a bird. After an accident, a disoriented driver may forget that their bird is loose and open the door, releasing the bird. Bystanders or emergency personnel may also startle the bird, causing the bird to fly away.  A bird can escape through a broken window. There may even be opportunity for someone to steal the bird.  If you are injured or unconscious, you may not even be aware at the time that your bird is gone.  If you need to be transported to the hospital, rescue workers are not likely going to take a free flying bird, but they may take an animal carrier. Sturdy carriers, belted to the back seat, are recommended to keep you bird safe and secure.  Carriers should be labeled with contact information and the bird’s species and name. Two more tips: first, do not use air fresheners. They are soaked with oils toxic to birds. Second, NEVER leave your birds unattended in the car! In addition to the usual warnings about animals overheating, it only takes a moment for someone to break in car and steal your bird.  A pretty bird sitting in a car is a sitting duck.  Even if you cover the carrier, your bird may scream out, alerting a potential thief, so either someone should stay in the car or the bird should come with you. –  From

CONGRATULATIONS  to Jon Paul Rodriguez, recipient of the Whitley Gold Award; a “green Oscar” for his work in helping to restore the population of the yellow shouldered parrot – an increase of 650 to 1700. – From

THE BOOP GAME: “I have an eclectus hen named Cah’ya who invented her own game. In this game, she stands on my arm and slowly leans far over to one side. I am then supposed to lean to the opposite side. She waits for me to do so. Then she slowly leans over to the other side, and waits for me to reciprocate. I do, of course. She repeats this, but every once in a while she swoops in and boops me with the curve of her beak. If she boops me on the lips, she makes a kissy noise (and I do, too). If she boops me on the nose she says ‘boop!’ — and of course I ‘boop!’ back. A few months ago, while I was in the bird room doing my regular morning routine, Cah’ya hopped on my shoulder and mumbled something in my ear, then she leaned over and looked me in the eye, expectantly. I said, ‘What was that, Cah’ya? I didn’t understand you.’ She walked down to my wrist, looked me in the eye, and said loudly and clearly, ‘Boop game?’  I about died. She named it the Boop Game. She asked for it, with words. With intention,” writes Emily Strong. What’s remarkable is that Cah’ya was deemed unsuitable as a pet by veer breeder due to health and behavioral issues. She was,l in fact, said to be terrified of everything and everyone. – Form

ARTSY FARTSY:  “The Day of Release of the Pensionnaires” is an 1865 oil on cnavas painting by John Lewis Brown featuring macaws and cockatoos. It is on display at the Mujseum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, France.


HOT DATES: 5/1-7: INTERNATIONAL CELEBRATION OF BIRDS WEEK 5/5: CINQO DE MAYO Happy holiday to all the Mexican parrots! — BIRDS OFF BROADWAY ANNIVERSARY EVENT: Speakers Robin Shewokis, vet Dr. Susan Clubb, Hari pet products reps. 3111 45th St. Ste. 2, West Palm Beach, FL — C4AW LIVESREAM 9 p.m. EST–! @parrotsrus on IG with Dr Jason Crean, Consultant — 5/11: MASS. CAGE BIRD ASSOCIATION BIRD MART. 10-3 CRRA Donald Cotter Recreation Hall 68 Mill St. Foxboro, MA.


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